Something About Us

Summit Glass is the leading association serving flat glass manufacturers, fabricators and glazing contractors. Summit Glass is a progressive, innovative association where pride and enthusiasm for a career in architectural glass and glazing is fostered through educational events, technical resource development and relationship-building opportunities.

Why Choose Summit Glass

Many glass and window companies today are just sales companies that job out the work to sub-contractors. We employee only employees that we control in your home to perform your glass and window services. Our employees know our commitment to outstanding customer service, they know our dedication to doing the work right the first time, and they know how to perform our services with great skill. We simply won’t risk these things to other individuals that may not be around tomorrow.

As in many businesses, there are a variety of material choices a company can make. We choose the highest grade glass, window and mirror materials for your projects. This ensures reliable and long-lasting products that save you money on future repairs.