Summit Glass


Glass installation is a skill that requires years of experience to carry out this type of work. Glass can be installed in a wide variety of applications including windows, doors, shopfronts, mirrors, splashbacks and many other situations in homes and businesses. A trained professional is required to carry out glass installation to ensure the glass is installed safely and securely. Summit Glass' glaziers are fully qualified to handle all types of glazing in both domestic and commercial premises.

Double Glazing

Double Glazing consists of two layers of glass with a spacer in between. The spacer contains a desiccant This acts as a drying agent, keeping the window free from moisture.

The space between the two layers of glass is sealed and contains air or a gas, such as argon. The seal is important. If this is compromised, moisture can form on the inside of the glass.

The air (or argon) gap acts as an insulation layer. The result is improved insulation from the elements outside your home. Thus your home is warmer in winter, cooler in summer and condensation is virtually eliminated.